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Our Work

We've been involved with in a lot of different projects including photography workshops, running websites, running conferences, supporting Community Development Learning, Recognition Schemes and more recently creating on and off line learning content but behind all our work is a Community Development approach.

What does that mean?

Community Development enables people to work collectively to bring about positive social change. It is an approach that prioritises collective action and a bottom up way of bringing people with you. In practical terms it means we look for solutions that are most equal, that get the most out of the resources available and are adaptable. Perhaps the most influential part of taking a Community Development approach for us is how we use reflective practice, always looking at what we've done and why we did it to improve.

The values of Community Development are:

  • Social justice and equality
  • Anti-discrimination
  • Community empowerment
  • Collective action
  • Working and learning together